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We are a next digital marketing & change consultancy…now

We design digital change and marketing programs. We help businesses and organizations build new, digital capabilities to achieve their ambitions and compete.

In short, we help organizations use digital to punch above their weight.

Who We Are

We are strategists, businesspeople, creatives and data-driven marketers


Led by John Bell - digital strategist, marketer, creative director and business leader - NextNow Digital enables  startups, businesses of all sizes and community organizations use digital to grow. 

Every engagement starts with a consult with John Bell.

How We Work

Old: Planning, Creativity, Effectiveness

New: Agility, Iteration, Minimum Viable Product/Program (MVP)

Next: NextNow Digital Sprints ™ that combine the best of 'old' and 'new' to deliver effective plans and solutions quickly via MVPs, collaboration and iteration

Insights and Ideas
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