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John Bell, President and Chief Strategy Officer

John launched Next Now Digital to help companies and nonprofits grow their business and mission by accelerating their use of digital practices. In this post-COVID-19 world, it’s more important than ever that organizations can provide a digital customer experience, streamline operations and market and sell via digital.


Through Next Now Digital, John brings the best lessons of more than 25 years innovating via digital practices. 

Think of it as ‘applied innovation’ – taking the next new thing and operationalizing inside some of the best-known brands including The Ford Motor Company, Nestle, American Express, and Travelers Insurance.

  • John led digital marketing transformation at Travelers Insurance, a DOW 30 company. He built a capability to apply the next data-driven marketing practices from account-based marketing to content marketing to social selling and more.

  • At WPP-owned, Ogilvy, John built a global digital consultancy, Social@Ogilvy, that taught global brands from Unilever to Johnson & Johnson how to use social media channels and practices to build brand and fuel growth.

  • As Digital Creative Director at Discovery Networks, he designed and operated over 14 Web sites and created content marketing programs to extend a traditional media company early in the digital age.


John is a sleeves rolled-up strategist and experienced executive who loves to put the next new practice, technology, behavior in service to growing a business or mission.

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