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The Future with Next Gen Digital Marketers in New Mexico

While landing the next corporate distribution center or supporting an up-and-coming biotech startup are vital to economic recovery and growth in New Mexico, so is helping small and midsize businesses grow revenue, survive and thrive.

Digital marketing does that.

Consider this:

Digital marketing becomes core: By 2021, businesses will spend $163 billion on digital advertising in the US - more than on TV and print ads combined.*

COVID dramatically increases online research & shopping: Consumers spent $861.12 billion online with U.S. retailers in 2020, up 44.0% from $598.02 billion in 2019****

New Digital Marketers are in demand: Digital Marketers are in LinkedIn's top 10 in-demand jobs – especially those who know content, social and paid media.**

The COVID crisis changed our lives, and it sped up the move towards digital everything. That includes the importance of digital marketing to reach people who are increasingly online. Businesses who may have lagged in moving towards digital marketing and customer experience had no choice in 2020. And there’s no going back.

Now there’s a new twist. The “work-from-anywhere” phenomena will continue to grow. That means trained and experienced digital marketers in New Mexico can work for businesses in San Francisco, New York, Austin and even overseas. More opportunities for more certified and trained digital marketers with the right skills.

That’s why I am excited to partner with CNM Ingenuity to launch the Next Gen Digital Marketing Certificate powered by Facebook.

Next Gen Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is quickly evolving. Years ago, practitioners might offer organic (non-paid) social media marketing as the breakthrough for small businesses. It’s free, they said, and can help spread word of mouth for your business. That is no longer effective. That’s not how digital marketing delivers today.

Currently, the most impactful skills in digital marketing for many B2C, B2B, B2whatever businesses include data analytics, content and performance marketing.

Data drives targeting the right audiences in Facebook, Instagram and every other audience-centered ad platform. Data provides the insights about people that make products, services and the offers that promote them more relevant. Data makes measuring the effectiveness of a marketing budget possible. Skills in marketing data and analytics are the present and the future of driving sales.

Content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) allows businesses to earn the attention of their audiences via content that aims to solve customer challenges. It allows businesses to win valuable “shelf space” in Google search results without the overhead of paid media. That’s why law firms create how-to’s for intellectual property protection, tourism boards create guides for things to do around Albuquerque, and technology companies create content that explains data visualization. In a world of media overload and clutter, attention will fall to those businesses who successfully create great content that meets a real customer need.

There’s something new in town. It’s a highly efficient, test-and-optimize approach to paid digital media. It’s performance marketing. PPC (pay-per-click) marketing firms have been perfecting this over the past few years to drive ecommerce sales for many businesses. Now, the discipline of highly managed paid media – mostly on social platforms like Facebook, paid search and programmatic - can be used at all stages of the buyer journey from awareness and engagement all the way down to conversion. Knowing how to test different creative executions, build audiences within the social ad networks and optimize on a daily basis is key and often complex. It won’t get easier.

These are today’s top skills. Digital marketing will continue to evolve and marketers and businesses are best commit to continuous “skilling-up” to take advantage.

Get Training from Master Marketers

CNM Ingenuity at Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) has a commitment and a track record of great programs that prepare students for great jobs. Deep Dive Coding and Digital Media are two examples.

Now, we are launching the Next Gen Digital Marketing Certificate powered by Facebook. The first class starts April 19th 2021. This program combines 6 core, on-demand modules developed in partnership with Facebook with Master Marketers sessions on the most pressing skills – data, content, strategy and performance – and full-day immersive, Combustion Days. This curriculum goes beyond the typical ‘read-and-quiz’ format to give students access to practicing marketers and hands-on experience.

Check out the full program here, sign up or pass the word along.


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